Super Schoo K-12 International University

Geo Book Project

Mission Statements

Aiming toward the ideal of helping teachers and support staff to take a leadership position working towards the goals of creating educational master plans, project-based learning and technology integration for schools of the future.  Super School University seeks to become a world leader in teacher research, collaboration and innovation.  We will provide leadership in cross-disciplinary inquiries that shape educational action research, educational best practices and the use of humanoid robots in the classrooms of the future.

The School also seeks to develop the teacher researchers and to help to train them to become careful observers of students.  This will allow them to take a leadership position in the designing of curriculum and teacher and student productivity tools in efforts to improve the quality of education in the thirty-four countries that we collaborate with.


In 2000, Bob Barboza founded Super School University in Long Beach, California.  His goal at the time was to design teacher and student productivity tools for schools of the future.  He taught in K-12 public education and served as a consultant for Apple Computer.

Departments were created and custom educational software and websites were created to allow its members to share educational research, teacher and student productivity tools, student classroom observations, project-based learning and school of the future curriculum plans.


Super School University is divided into thirteen Schools:

  1. Jr. Medical School
  2. Jr. Business School
  3. Jr. Engineering School
  4. Jr. Robotics School
  5. Jr. Electronic Music School
  6. Jr. Law School
  7. Jr. Science School
  8. Jr. Mathematics School
  9. Jr. Technology School
  10. Jr. Language School
  11. Jr. Education School
  12. Jr. Computer Science School
  13. Jr. History and Social Studies
  14. Jr. Visual and Performing Arts School
  15. Jr. School of Communication and Journalism School

In each Super School University school of learning there is a department head, teachers and advisors from the world of work.  They help our students to integrate technology, gain a deeper understanding of the content area and to apply their knowledge to the educational projects associated to our university.

 Super School University Projects 2013-2015

We have created three projects to help our students and teachers to gain a deeper understanding of the content and to sharpen their skills in our STEAM Plus project-based learning initiatives.

  • The Antarctica Project
  • The Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project
  • The California Robotic Idol Project

Our three Super School University inquiry projects are divided into three parts:

Part 1: Building 21st Century Skills 

In this first part we help our students to develop the skills they need to succeed in during school and after school, in life, and later in our world of work projects.  We help our students with critical thinking and building strong arguments to using social media and study the oral and written tests, ePortfolios, and an oral podcasts that are designed to check for understanding.

Part II: Using the Inquiry Process

The second part provides additional student support in an overview of the inquiry process, including conducting research and presenting what you have learned.  We teach our students how to question and the process of asking questions and searching for answers that lead to the authentic learning that is associated to our project-based learning approach.

Part III: Developing Projects Within Projects

The third part helps our students to create a wide variety of meaningful projects within the main projects that are supported by the university.  These projects range from becoming student backpack journalists, backpack scientists and backpack robotic project developers.  Student have opportunities to create scale models, audio and video podcasts, animations, digital storytelling projects and virtual and simulation projects.

Additional Information:


Robert Barboza, MS.




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