Super School K-12 International University

Geo Book Project


Mission Statement

The School also seeks to develop the teacher researchers and to help to train them to become careful observers of students.  This will allow them to take a leadership position in the designing of curriculum and teacher and student productivity tools in efforts to improve the quality of education in the thirty-four countries that we collaborate with.


In 2000, Robert Barboza, MS. founded Super School University in Long Beach, California.  His goal at the time was to design teacher and student productivity tools for schools of the future. In 2018, we are training Jr. astronauts, engineers and scientists in our fellowship programs and we have started to conduct educational action research  with autism and robotics to rethink how special education might look in the future.

 Super School University Projects 2013-2018

We have created three projects to help our students and teachers to gain a deeper understanding of the content and to sharpen their skills in our STEAM ++ project-based learning initiatives.

  • The Barboza Space Center Fellowship Programs
  • The Occupy Mars Learning Adventures
  • The Barboza Space Center Long Beach, California
  • Barboza Space Center Autism and Robotic’s Projects

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Robert Barboza, MS.




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