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Professional adventurer Douglas Stoup from Olympic Valley, CA and amateur adventurer Frank Fumich from Arlington, VA will attempt to SUP (Stand Up Paddle) from Cuba to Key West, FL non-stop and unsupported. The team hopes to complete the 118 miles paddle in less than 40 hours, all depending on the ever changing weather and sea conditions. The Team will fly to Key West, FL September 24th  2012 and will monitor weather. The Expedition will begin in Cuba . Stoup and Fumich are paddling to raise money and awareness for the Ice Axe Foundation (and also a portion will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

The Ice Axe Foundation is an educational 501 3C set up to educate youth about the amazing planet on which we live through live Internet feeds, and the Wounded Warrior Project provides programs and services to the severely injured service members.

Doug Stoup (48) is a professional adventurer and has traveled to the North and South Poles more times than anyone on the planet. He also guides skiers to remote places including Antarctica, Spitsbergen, Morocco

Frank Fumich (44) has had a lifetime of adventurers including summiting the highest peaks on 3 continents, Ironman Triathlons, dozens of marathons and ultra marathons, including some of the hardest 100 milers and 150 mile self supported ultras all over the planet. He is one of the few finishers of the punishing Death Race, and has recently trekked to the North Pole under Doug’s guide.


One thought on “Education Team

  1. Doug Stoup has been sending science news to Kids Talk Radio from all over the world. We think of him as our classroom teacher in the field. Doug likes to send us news from both the North and South Pole. This is a fantastic way to study science.

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