Robots and Autism Research

Robots Publications and Autism This page provides details of publications on robots and people on the autism spectrum. For more publications on this topic please see entries on robots in our publications database. If you know of any other publications we should include please email with the details. Thank you. Please note that Research […]

Exploring Robots That Help Students on the Autism Spectrum

5 Promising Robots for Kids with Autism Robots are helping autistic children in ways humans can’t. Here are five social robots helping autistic children become more independent by improving their motor and social skills. Photo Caption: Milo, a two-foot-tall humanoid robot, is one of several robots providing new and exciting engagement for children with autism. […]

Spending the Day with Pepper the Robot

Should I take Pepper the Humanoid Robot with me to Mars? Pepper Pepper Manufacturer Aldebaran Robotics (now SoftBank Robotics) Foxconn Country France Japan Year of creation 2014 prototype Type Humanoid Purpose Technology demonstrator Website Pepper is a humanoid robot by French robotics company Aldebaran Robotics, which is owned by SoftBank, designed with the ability […]