High School Students from Australia Visit the USA

STUDENTS & TEACHERS ARE VISITING THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AND THE BARBOZA SPACE CENTER FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM WE INVITE YOU TO SEE OUR PHOTO ESSAY OF THE AUSTRALIAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.      SCHOOLS IN AUSTRALIA Add to study guide School education in Australia includes preschool, preparatory (or kindergarten), primary school, secondary school (or high school) […]

The Case for Mars: On Barboza Space Center Fellowship Program Reading List

The Case for Mars The Barboza Space Center will introduce the book, “The Case for Mars.”  This will be part of our new Occupy Mars Learning Adventures Fellowship Program.   The book will be used to create space mathematics story problems. And to help with the building of robots, science experiments and the designing of […]

Great Collaboration Ideas

What Constitutes an Effective Collaborative Team? Matt Larson, NCTM President July 14, 2017 Over the past year, I have frequently referred to the importance of teachers of mathematics working collaboratively to improve teaching and learning. Over this same time period, many members have asked me what I think characterizes an effective professional learning community or […]

We need soil samples from around the planet Earth: Occupy Mars Learning Adventures Project-Based Learning

High School students working at the Barboza Space Center are working on growing better plants for Mars.  www.BarbozaSpaceCenter.com We need a test-tube size sample of soil from your country for experiments we will be conducting in July, 2018 in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California.  We want to collaborate with other high school students from […]