The USA and Australia Have a Plan for Educating Our Youth About Mars

We can thank Jonathan Nalder founder of Future-U-Org for keeping our hopes of an international collaboration with the USA and Australia alive.
Teachers, students and librarians have all been immersing themselves in the First on Mars program over the last 2 months. In both Australia and the USA, this saw them visualising their journey from Earth to Mars, and then beginning to form a community to solve the problem of what would a Mars colony need first if its going to really thrive, not just survive.
Participants drew on their imaginations, learned by failing, completed Kan Ban planning charts and worked on the story that would be needed to explain their solution. All of these elements are drawn from the underlying framework that Future-U founder Jonathan Nalder has developed to show how all learners can future-proof themselves as the world of work and education changes rapidly due to automation and new technologies.
Participants also got to experience Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and to test out the ‘Quiz Mars’ app developed by France’s ‘teach on Mars’ development house. You can learn more about First on Mars at, and read about the Future Literacies that provide its foundation at Finally, if you’d like to join the community discussion with experts from 13 countries – including Bob Barboza – please contact Jonathan via today. Can’t wait to have even more Kids Talk Radio and Barboza Space Centre educators join so we can in turn support their projects 🙂

Jonathan Nalder 
+61410394768 . @jnxyz
How can students and workers think beyond tomorrow to thrive today? Framework + Missions + Advice + Community
Digital Strategy | Design | Visuals | Social Media Stories | Community Building | Instructional Design | Training
Answering ‘What does best practice in Education look like right now?’

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