Jr. Medical School Students Are Getting Ready for Exploring Simulated Mar’s Space Medicine

Student “Fellows” from the Long Beach Unified School District will be studying with Bob Barboza and the scientists from the Barboza Space Center.   Students will be building prototypes for the “Occupy Mars Learning Adventure’s Project.” http://www.BarbozaSpaceCenter.com.

Texas Instruments - Education Technology

  Enjoy your one-year tryout of TI-Nspire CX Software

  Isnpired by teachers, engaging by design
Build students’ critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
Texas Instruments (TI) and Sanford Research, a nationally renowned non-profit healthcare system, have teamed up on STEM Behind Health, a series of interactive lessons for TI‑Nspire™ CX Teacher Software.

The activities help students connect math and science in the context of real-world research into real-life diseases – diabetes, breast cancer and rare diseases.

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Did you see these?
Texas Instruments sent resources recently to help you jumpstart your software experience. If you missed them before, here are the links:
STEM Behind Hollywood | Zombies and physics and forensics… oh, my
Math | Science | Interactive lessons that enhance your curriculum
mISSion imaginaTIon | STEM activities from NASA and TI
Building Concepts | Teach big concepts one idea at a time
Keep an eye on your inbox for more resources coming soon.

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