Kids Talk Radio Afghanistan : The Hard Path from Afghanistan to the Classroom

Every high school student should read this story.

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Kids Talk Radio is opening up visual radio stations around the world.  We are looking for your stories.  We want to inspire our students.  Send us your story and make sure that every high school student reads this story……….. Bob Barboza,

The Hard Path from Afghanistan to the Classroom

Staff Sgt. Ryan Blum, Kunduz Province, Afghanistan
Commentary: A Soldier Writes

A month before I started my freshman year of high school, my father was killed in a cycling accident. Overnight my mother became a single parent and our sole breadwinner. She was forced to work twelve-hour days to maintain our standard of living and consequently I was often alone in an empty house.

Like most teenagers, I rebelled. With the loss of my father came a profound loss of discipline in my life. Combined with the sudden absence of my mother who was now compelled to work long hours, the tragedy had an…

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