What is the dress code at Super School K-12 International University?

We are working on designing the high school of the future.  Our job is to work like a team and develop a new curriculum that integrates Common Core State Standards, Next Generational Science Standards and STEAM++ (science, technology, engineering, visual and performing arts, mathematics, computer languages and foreign languages).   We are going to take our teachers to Antarctica, the Cabo Verde Island of Santa Luzia, Arizona Desert, Catalina and Channel Island in California and the Amazon Jungle.  Our schools STEM theme will include the Occupy Mars Learning Adventures and the Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project.  You can find more information by visiting http://www.KidsTalkRadioLA.com.

Our high school students will study with professional educators, scientists and engineers.   Our students will learn to be Jr. astronauts, engineers and scientists.  

We are going to work with XQ Super School team members to ” Rethink High Schools.”  How can you help us?    Suprschool@aol.com.

ICE AXE-  Antarctica trip DOug Stoup


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