Global Warming Becomes Global

Global Warming becomes Global (Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project News)


By Samuel Kushner-Lenhoff, Poly High School, Kid’s Talk Radio, Science Journalist.

 Editor’s Note: Samuel is now at student at the USC School of Communication and Journalism.  As a high school student he studied about Cape Verde and global warming.  He got a great opportunity to interview the mayors of Cape Verde as high school student.  We hope that after graduation he will mentor other students training at Kid Talk Radio.

     Some might wonder what the city of Long Beach and a volcanic chain of islands off the coast of West Africa have in common. Since Cape Verde is a place where unexpected climate change can mean the difference between life and death, this nation is directly affected by global warming.  On November 18, it was the pleasure of the city of Long Beach to welcome two mayors from the Cape Verde islands.  The Mayor of Fogo, Sr. Eugenio Veiga, and the Mayor of Brava, Sr. Camilo Goncalves, began their weeklong trip to the state of California by answering environmental questions.  These questions from US students were delivered by the founder of Kids Talk Radio, Mr. Bob Barboza and two Long Beach High School reporters.  

     “We live in a global world…. (Cape Verde) can feel the trickledown effect.” says Mayor Sr. Eugenio Veiga, “Even islands that never get rain are getting it, and it is bad because it is scaring people.”  Cape Verdeans rationalize these unusual occurrences by considering the fact that they could possibly be a participant in a climate cycle.  These unusual climate occurrences are increasingly important because Cape Verde is heavily dependent on agriculture.  This magnifies the effects of drought on the native population.  

    “Everything we do has a preventative measure…we aim at educating kids at a very young age” says Mayor Veiga.  Cape Verde’s unique approach to solving the climate problem is to educate children as to the importance of the environment and climate change.  Appreciation of natural resources is a theme that is also reiterated by laws preventing actions such as catching a sea turtle.  Dramatic national resources such as a large reef necessitate a policy of strict protection.  It is this national emphasis on the environment that causes Cape Verde to dedicate a section of each international meeting to environmental issues.

    With a major concern about poverty alleviation, it is funds that limit the necessary research and enforcement of environmental activities.  As a result, the Cape Verde mayors believe one of the best actions the US could take would be to participate in a joint research project in Cape Verde.  This historic meeting is a major step for the global political activism that is needed for environmental cooperation.



Sam Kushner-Lenhoff

Poly High School Journalism

Long Beach Unified School District

On Special  Assignment for

Kid’s Talk Radio


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